Selling some Hoozuki no Reitetsu Doujinshi's
Hi there (^_^)/

Been cleaning out my doujin collection and want to rehome these Hoozuki No Reitetsu Doujin's.
All Prices are in USD and P&H are a flat $16 since I'm shipping them from Australia :)

1 & 2 (HooHaku) are SFW - $10 each

3,4,5 & 6 (HooHaku) are NSFW - $4 each or all for $12

7 (HooHaku) is NSFW - $10

8,9,10,11 & 12 are NSFW - $9 each
(8,9,10 & 12 are HakuHoo and 11 is HooHaku)

13,14,15 & 16 are NSFW - $10 each
(13 &14 are HooHaku and 15 &16 are HakuHoo)

Comment or PM me for any enquiries and negotiations on them ;D


Basil KHR
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Wow, haven't posted for a while. Anyways, ...

This new Manga, 'Yukarism' is done by Chika Shiomi, artist of Canon (vampire one), Yurara and Rasetsu (sequal to Yurara and I happen to have all 9 volumes. :P).

He looks way to much like Kuriyu from Rasetsu.

Evident enough that I am a fan of her work, Yukarism is a time-crossing based story where you meet a young 17 year old Edo Novelist named Yukari. Though his works are not of talent but from his 'heart' and hazy reoccuring memories, which date way back to the Edo period, that he was born with. One day, he meets a girl who he has never met in the present but from his 'past life' and from there, his memories become more clearer.... and so goes on the story.

I really am enjoying it and I'd really sugest it!

More info:

From my original post at because I'm to tired to type right now.

誕生日おめでとう、バジル! - Happy B"day to Basil from KHR

Today, 23rd Juy, is Basil's birthday!

And this is my present for him.

Enjoy, Basil & for thos looking at this post. :)


Awasome and yet tragic love stories which are linked together, having ReACT as the sequal to ACUTE.

Project Diva ver. of ACUTE.

Original ver. of ACUTE.

ACUTE features Miku Hatsune, Megurine Luka and KAITO. (MP3 to ACUTE)

Original Ver. of ReACT. Opening part sounds similar to ACUTE but overall song sound different.

ReACT features Miku Hatsune (again) with Rin and Len Kagamine. (Mp3 to ReACT)

I love the songs and the story to it and I hope you enjoy it too. To undertsand what the stories are about, read the comments under the vide's in youtube. In My opinion, they are very similar. But anyways, enjoy.

Macaron's feet
Yes, its been a fair while but my mindset has been captivated my the idea of making 'feet' on my macarons.

See. So happy.

Awsome Latte art
Borneo cafe in Hyperdome at Tuggeranong!

AMAZING coffee! The pic is of a lion's face! Sooooooo cute!

Enjoy staring at it! heh heh heh.

Karakuri burst
Came across today and had to share.

From Vocaloid featuring Rin and Len Kagamine and a bit of Miku Hatsune.

I really like the video and the song to it. Costumes and theme seem to relate to the Natzi era.

Len looks hot in what he's dressed in.

I hope you can enjoy it just as I did! :)

Ahhhh~ how time goes by so fast!
Just had to keep this journal somewhat alive.

Am pretty bored so I recently started reading some of Mikiyo Tsuda's work which include Princess princess and Day of Revolution.

Princess Princess.

Came across one called 'Atsumare! Gakuen Tengoku' (I think). Vol. 2 is still raw so I am ATTEMPTING to translate though I've only gotten past the first page.

This manga is prett much in my sites right now!!!! The twins are SOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME!!!

Anyways, thanks for reading this life less post! heh heh heh.

Yandere Vocaloid
Came this one in the Gendou Forums and is rather interesting but HELL IT'S CREEPY!

Its called "Kagome Kagome" and is sung by Megurine Luka & Miku Hatsune.

Kagome Kagome -

Kagome Kagome refers to a type of 'Ring-Around-A-Rosie' game but is played by Japanese Children.



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